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Equipment: Selling equipment №25738

Feb. 10, 2021, 12:03 p.m. Views: 924

City: Moscow, Russia. (also in regions of Belarus (

Gomel region
Mogilev region

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Type: Sawmill equipment:multirip saws

Equipment name: Многопильный двухвальный станок Discovery

Price in rubles: 749,000

Good day!
Your attention is invited to double-shaft multi rip machine through Discovery.
The machine is used for cutting 2, 3, 4 Quentin lumber thickness up to 210 mm.
Two-shaft design has advantages over a single-shaft using saw blades of smaller diameter obtained is less than the thickness of the cut, respectively, less waste, and more importantly output

The advantages of the machine:

1. Cutting height 210 mm.
2. The ability to work one shaft, and installed on saws with diameter up to 450 mm.
3. When installing a saw blade with a diameter 450 mm cutting height one shaft – 170 mm.
4. Reinforced structure, increased weight up to 2000 kg.
5. Increased width to deliver.
6. Increased number of saws.
7. Work in negative temperatures.
8. The ease of operation.
9. The perfect geometry of lumber produced.


Diameter of saws, mm: 350, 400, 450
Maximum number of MPI the put, piece: 2x10(350 mm),1x8(400 mm),1x8(450 mm.)
Width set in mm (distance between extreme saws): 480
Maximum cross section of the mast Whn. 700х210
The minimum length of the carriage, mm: 1000
Supply voltage, V: 380
Power of main electric. engine kW: 22; 30; 37; 45
Speed saws, Rev/min: 3000
The actuator longitudinal feed, type of chastotnik, regul.
The speed of longitudinal travel m/min (estimated): up to 18.5
Length, mm: 1850
Width, mm: 1500
Height mm: 1450 + 350 (aspiration system)
Weight, kg: 2000

Diameter set of saws, mm: 350, 400, 450):
Max. cutting height, mm.: 210/170*/150**/120***
* lower shaft and the saw 450 mm.
** lower shaft and the saw blade is 400 mm.
*** lower shaft and the saw blade is 350 mm.
Maximum to drink. d. 350 to the machine 20 PCs 10 on each blade shaft.

*Price without saw blades.

Conveyors: 53 600 RUB.
The kit consists of 2 roller tables.
1 - table Length is 5 meters with a guide
2 - table Length of 6 meters

Can arrange delivery to Your production in any region of Russia and Belarus.

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