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Equipment: Angle-turning sawmill PDP-45 №26333

July 15, 2021, 3:33 p.m. Views: 700

City: Sarapul, Udmurt Republic, Russia

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Type: Sawmill equipment sawmill

Equipment name: Angle-turning sawmill PDP-45

Price in rubles: 200,000

The main advantages of these machines is their cost, no complicated settings, and as a result, no special skills, sawmilling, without perekantovki, large output boards and beams (75%), the quality of lumber, the lack of temperature and climatic thresholds in works, replace the disk, only to the extent of wear. The purpose odnomernoi (single disc) angular rotary saw - sawing logs circular saw to cut lumber (boards, beams). The principle of operation uglevodorodnyi disk power - saw benches sawing is carried out with one disk mounted on the rotary mechanism in both directions, without idle strokes. At the beginning of the sawing the saw blade is in a horizontal position
During forward motion is the horizontal cut along the length of the logs. At the end of a log saw blade in one motion swings into a vertical position. During the return stroke of the carriage notched portion separated by a vertical cutting. This is followed by the rotation of the saw blade in a horizontal position and repeating the cycle of cutting. Thus, there is rapid cutting of logs into cut lumber to the desired section.
The sizes of the logs:
-length mm 1500 - 6000
-diameter 150 - 750
The speed saws, Rev/min 3000 Number of saws, 1 PCs.
Diameter of saws, mm 500 (550)
Installed power, kW 12,1
Supply manual
Dimensions, mm 1540х1435х9000
Weight, kg 900
At Customer's request blade carriage can be easily driven longitudinal feed, variable speed, controlled by a frequency Converter. We offer optional equipment: automatic hoist and ramps for rolling logs, Electromechanical drive of lifting logs.

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