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City: Moscow, Russia

Name: Alexander Zhilin

Gender: Male

Age: 51 years

Category: Leaders

Education: average

Standing (years): 20 years

Experience: Extensive experience in the processing of birch, organization of production with 0

Job title: Production Director

Expected salary: 200,000 ₽

Married: да

With children: да

International passport: да

Extra info: Looking for a job as a Director, supervisor, Manager, timber production. Extensive experience in deep processing of birch. Organization of production on processing birch from scratch. Knowledge of process and practical experience in the processing of birch. Knowledge and adjustment of the equipment. Knowledge of the market of wood of the birch and prospects of development of the birch production. Preparation of birch timber (sawmilling, sorting the standard NHLA grade FAS,Select, 1 Common, 2A Common, and 3A Common, Frame, drying, planing, packaging) for export. Only serious employers, tenants of the forest Fund. No further than 300 km from MKAD

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