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City: Moscow, Russia. (also in regions of Russia (

Altai Krai
Tomsk region
Novosibirsk region

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Type: Drying equipment

Equipment name: Tumble dryer

Price in rubles: 450,000

Our drum dryers to work on any type of fuel.
Guarantee - 5 years! The wall thickness of the drum is 12 mm.
A gas burner. The diesel burner. Burner for crude oil. Burner on furnace oil. Fuel oil burner. Combined gas-diesel or gas-oil.As well as coal and wood.
Tubular rotary kiln, allow to warm, bake, defrost and dry loose and bulk materials: sand, gravel, sawdust, clinker, diatomite, ferro-alloys, peat, clay, nitrates, sunflower husk, PGS, gravel, chips, limestone, marble, sodium chloride, anthracite, straw, dolomite, chips, salt, seeds, grain, yeast, gypsum, grain, malt, chalk, ash, sugar, bentonite, sludge, iron, mineral powders, fertilizers, concentrates, pyrite, coke, sodium carbonate, slag, animal feed, litter, manure, coal, phosphorite, chips, quartz, glass, stone, soda, dirt, soil, ore, graphite, husk and other materials, raw materials and intermediates.
Low prices! Equipment in stock! Shipping! Installation! Guarantee! Service!
Contact person: Vladimir Petrovich.
We are located in Voronezh.
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