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Nov. 28, 2020, 3:56 p.m. Views: 1638

City: Bryansk, Bryansk region, Russia

Name: Turcato Alexei

Gender: Male

Age: 40 years

Category: Specialists of forestry

Education: higher

Education and specialty detailed: 2008 Bryansk state engineering-technological Academy High, extra-mural form of training. Faculty: Forestry Speciality: Forest engineer 2000 BSKHT Secondary, Day/full-time study. Specialty: Technician surveyor

Standing (years): 18 years

Experience: 02 October 2019 – 01.05.2020 Master of industrial plot Albero, OOO, Torzhok Conduct forest management on the leased areas. Edit Responsibilities: Reception of the allotted plots and verification, submission to the Declaration. preparation of technological maps. examination of the plots 11 October 2018 -02.10.2019 g 1 year The forest wizard JSC "Lesplitinvest" company "Promles", priozërsk Harvesting and processing Edit Responsibilities: Control procurement teams, production brigades on the workpiece. Leave the forest to the factory issuing bills of lading. Acceptance and handover of the plots to the Forest. 05.2017—25.05.2018 1 year 1 month Engineer lesopatolog NGO "Akvaflora", Khimki, full-time employment. LPO Conducting forest pest surveys, drainage areas, creation of forest maps the area on the Navigator to conduct LPO 12.2016—05.2017 6 months Senior gardener LLC "Scientific-educational center "BIRYUCH"", alexeyevka, Belgorod region, full-time employment. The responsibility for order on the site, organization of the working process on tree planting check plots in the order fulfillment workflow 04.2013—11.2016 3 years 8 months Engineer lesopatolog LLC "Akvaflora", g. Saratov, full employment. Survey of forest plantations for the presence of disease, harmful insects. The laying of the trial areas and the enumeration of trees by category of condition. Keeping field maps. Reporting about travel, travel! 08.2012—03.2013 8 months Master production OOO Ekoles, G. Zhukovka, full-time employment. The calculations for the allotment of plots, execution of process maps, responsibility for fire fighting equipment means of extinguishing forest fires, maintenance of filling of waybills. 02.2012—08.2012 7 months Forest engineer OOO "Kompleksnye sistemy Bryansk", g'co, full-time employment. Examination of forest plots to rent, execution of lease forest areas. Execution of reports. The removal of the wood from the allotments. 10.2007—11.2011 4 years 2 months Inspector of forests CCU "Suzemskogo forestry" "Neginsky Uch. lesnichestvo", g. Astrahan, full-time employment. Forest protection The protection of forest land, compliance with logging rules. Extinguishing forest fires. Allotment of plots under continuous and selective felling, logging care! Treatment of nurseries, seed nursery, planting of forest crops on the plots. 12.2002—09.2007 4 years and 10 months The forest wizard Suzemskogo forestry "Neginsky forestry", g. Astrahan, full-time employment. Forest protection The control of the foresters to the audit of rounds! Monitoring the work of teams of loggers for the development of allotments, compliance with all rules! The allotment of the plots with busolo, conducting enumeration of trees! Control planting trees! Duty fire season! Reporting: the Material monetary evaluation plots; routings for all types of logging! 08.2001—12.2002 1 year 5 months Forester "Suzemskogo forestry" "Neginsky forestry", g. Astrahan, full-time employment. Forest protection The protection bypass # 3 from unauthorized felling, control of all types of work, care molodenkimi. Allotment of plots for all kinds of cuttings, spacing of the boundaries of the plots, the enumeration of trees! Patrolling during the fire-dangerous season! Planting crops!

Job title: Forestry engineer

Expected salary: 35,000 ₽

Married: нет

With children: да

International passport: да

Extra info: Knowledge of geodesy, forest fires, computer programs Word, Excel. Material and monetary evaluation of cut areas allotment of cutting areas, the drafting of forest cultures, preparation of process maps, reporting, GPS, busol', level and etc Computer skills: computer programs Word, Excel. Turbolocator, MapInfo, outline+, OziExplorer, MDOL

Contact details:

+7 929 119-71-22 (c 09:00 до 18:00)
+7 977 637-52-74 (c 09:00 до 18:00)


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