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City: Ufa, The Republic Of Bashkortostan, Russia

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Type of service: The forest development, forest declarations, statements

Cost in rubles: 10000

OOO NPP "Institute of nature management" works in the field of forestry, ecology and environmental management.The company develops projects of development of forests in accordance with Forest code of the Russian Federation, taking into account the specifics of the permitted types of forest use and the concept of development of forest area proposed by the lessee, with full support till the positive conclusion of the state expert Committee.Services are also provided for drafting forest declarations, allocation of cutting areas, clearing of glades under power lines, trails of gas, oil from trees and shrubs, landscaping-ornamental and forestry work, the selection of forest lands and registration of legal documents on the site, contractors, landscaping, land management, etc., as well as information, legal and other services in the field of implementation and coordination of scientific research in the field of ecology, protection, rational use and increase of productivity of forests, to promote conservation of biological diversity and gene pool of forest vegetation, to improve recreational and environmental forest values.Scope covers not only the Republic of Bashkortostan, but also in Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Samara region and other regions of Russia.

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