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City: Pskov, Pskov region, Russia

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Type: chopped

Wood species: Deciduous:birch

Moisture content: Dry

Quantity in cubic meters: 10000

Price per cubic meter in rubles: 10000

Purchased volumes:
2.0 EV RM box, loading in the car 26 box 4-5 loads a week;
- 2304 grid (32 pallet of 72 nets), 8-10 loads/week.

Requirements for wood:
- Chamber drying, a moisture content above 20%. Moisture measurement is carried out when split in half Polenz;
- The length of the Poleshko 25 +/- 1 cm
- Diameter from 7 to 13 cm pricked into 2 parts
a small fraction is allowed in small amounts up to 10% of the total volume;
- Diameter from 14 to 20 pricked into 3-4 parts, and so on;
- It is important that the parties Poleshko was not less than 5 cm and not more than 15 cm Is 8-12 cm;
- Fireplaces should be stacked tightly in the 2 joints are parallel to each other, with no gaps, voids and foreign objects;
A crate of firewood needs to be stacked with a small "cap", since the transport occurs a rearrangement and shrinkage of the wood;
Is unacceptable the presence of rot, mold, fungus, bugs and insects and their larvae, as in the wood and crates;
- During loading note that unloading be performed by a fork lift truck.
- Size of crate (internal):
The 2.0 box RM – 800 x 1160 x 2155 mm.

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