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City: sankt_peter, Russia

Organization name: OOO "Froth"

Type: Forestry equipment

Name: Solenoid valve (solenoid) Cargo Floor

Price in rubles: 17,220

Valve emergency operation of distribution valve for serovatov (Solenoid) hydraulic system Cargo Floor
Manufacturer: Cargo Floor (The Netherlands).
Unit weight: 0.75 kg.
Material: Steel/PVC
Purpose: the emergency management work of the hydraulic system rolling floor Cargo Floor.
Function: switch on/Off the system.
Set: trailer and semitrailer horizontal loading and unloading with a hydraulic rolling floor Cargo Floor.
Additional information on the company's website VVLOER.

Contact details:
+7 (921) 913 13 47,



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March 15, 2019, 5 p.m.


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