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City: Berdsk, Novosibirsk region, Russia

Organization name: OOO "Maslyaninskiy Lespromkhoz"

Type: Sawmill equipment:equipment for cylindrical shaping of logs

Equipment name: machine for cylindrical shaping of logs

Price in rubles: 200,000

Manufacturer of equipment Berd mechanical plant (Novosibirsk region).
Release year 2010.
Log lathe lathe type consists of 2 units: the first – cylindering and cutting a longitudinal groove, the second trimming and casarecce, which are combined into a single node.
Equipment productivity 3-5 m3 of finished products per shift, depending on the diameter of the manufactured logs.
The finished diameter logs from 16 to 26 cm
The staff of 2 people.
Power consumption of order 10 kW.
This equipment provides a high quality rounded surface.
This equipment is serially produced since 2000 years and is successfully operating throughout Russia.

Contact details:
Luzin Vyacheslav Anatolievich



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