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City: Barnaul, Altai Krai, Russia. (also in regions of Russia (

Novosibirsk region
Altai Republic
Kemerovo region

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Species: Conifers:blue spruce

Age in years: 9

Number: 9000

Price per item in rubles: 1400

Seedlings of blue spruce - 10 years, 120-180 cm

One of the largest tenants of forest areas in the Altai region, offering planting material grown in its own nurseries, located in the Trinity area of the Altai territory. The products produced using modern technologies, care for the plants, under the constant supervision of specialists.

For landscaping, we offer seedlings of blue spruce (10 years, 120-180 cm) from the seeds of grade 1 quality for the price – 1 400 RUB./in the nursery; 1 600 rubles in a warehouse in Barnaul.

Each seedling is planted in a BASKET made of twigs that the roots were in the soil in which the plant grew, and for planting directly in the container that creates a natural fertilizer to the plant upon decomposition material recycle, which promotes the growth of plants and the best survival.

The planned volume of realization of seedlings of blue spruce to 2019 – 8 000 PCs.

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