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Equipment: Drying chamber 60 m3 without boiler №34215

June 7, 2022, 9:10 a.m. Views: 750

City: Serpukhov, Moscow region, Russia

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Type: Drying equipment

Equipment name: Drying chamber 60 m3 without boiler

Price: 63,974.11 €

Drying complex is designed for drying lumber one-time download of the drying chamber 69 cubic meters with automatic control.

Drying chamber is a modular team steel construction with the option of moving to another place.

The frame consists of profile elements covered after Assembly with two layers of moisture-resistant with anti-corrosion wax "Autocrin-177".

"Autocrine-177®" bitumen-polymer-based (bronze heat resistant paint), which has the following advantages:

-provides high elasticity and high strength in the temperature range from -20°C to +150°C;
-has good adhesion to the protected surfaces;
-resistant to high temperatures and UV radiation;
-resistant to hydroabrasive wear;
-the material is applied to the surface and delivered ready to use.
As wall and roofing elements used in sandwich panels with mineral wool insulation with a density of 110kg/m3. Wall and roof panels have a lining. Exterior facings of panels coated with polyester enamel. Inner lining covered with Aluzinc coating.
Protective coating "aluzinc" is pseudoself, consisting of three basic elements in the following weight ratios: 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon - this proportion between the elements provides a balance between the corrosion resistant quality of aluminum, and a protective galvanic zinc property. "Aluzinc", having a thickness of 25 microns (185 g/sq m), can be operated in the industrial atmosphere of a high aggressiveness for at least 20 years before the appearance of corrosion products on 5 % of the surface. As a result of the research and evaluation of the quality of the coating it was found that the tested material is resistant to atmospheric corrosion and can be operated in the conditions of the industrial atmosphere of the average aggressiveness for a period of not less than 40 years. The fire resistance class EI 60 panels, which corresponds to the exterior walls of the first degree of fire resistance of buildings.

The modular design allows for docking of additional modules that extends the complex and significantly reduces the cost of the upgraded complex.

Gate camera - sealed, sliding on the rail using the mechanism of disclosure.

In the chamber SKD installed termocamini reversible axial fans for optimum desired speed of movement of air through the stacks of lumber.

Ventilation system supply and distribution of coolant consisting of: centrifugal fan, axial reversible fans mounted on the frame under the suspended ceilings, system supply and exhaust ducts.

Automatic control system of wood drying is made of modules of the controller. The system has 6 sensors of moisture content of lumber, 2 temperature sensor 2 sensor equilibrium moisture content. The software system allows for drying of different kinds and assortments of wood (spruce, pine, oak, birch, larch). Monitoring and control of equipment is performed by the automation system "Litouch". Active control of the final moisture content of lumber to 7%, and control is done by the average humidity.

Along with active monitoring and software control of the drying process, the automatic control system monitors the status of equipment and ensures trouble-free operation of the installation.

Warranty - 1 year, provided after-sales service.

Manufacturer country: Russia
Type of drying: Convective drying

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