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Equipment: Purifier drink from scale resin №34371

Feb. 11, 2024, 12:39 p.m.Views: 1117

City: Khabarovsk, Khabarovsk Krai, Russia

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Type: Sharpening equipment

Equipment name: Purifier drink from scale resin

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"CLEANER" (for wood and metal)
is used for the preparation of aqueous solutions that are used for sharpening, cleaning tools, sawing with band and disc saws of wood, metal, plastic, rocks.
Properties: viscous light crimson liquid does not contain petroleum products, has high lubricating, antistatic, cleaning, antifriction and extreme pressure, as well as cooling properties. Due to the absence of petroleum products and aggressive components in the lubricant, smoke and harmful vapors are not released during sawing, it is not flammable. Does not stain the processed material, odorless. In case of accidental freezing and subsequent defrosting, it does not lose its technological properties.
Manual cleaning of tools, cutters, blades and saw blades from resin deposits and dirt:
• to remove heavy deposits, treat with concentrate, medium and weak deposits - dissolve the concentrate with tap water 1:1-5.Stand for 10-30 minutes, remove the straggling carbon with a scraper, rag or other known method.
Cleaning with ultra-sound equipment:
• dissolve the concentrate with tap water 1:50 (add fifty liters of water to one liter of polymer) and pour into the ultrasound. The temperature of the working composition is 45-80 ° C. If drying is necessary, it is carried out with compressed air, in specialized drying chambers or with a rag by hand.
Since the product has a high degreasing ability, then if it is necessary to either send the product for further technological operation, or preserve it and send it to the warehouse.
Application using a working solution supply system to the cutting zone (woodworking):
dissolve the concentrate with tap water 1:100 (add one hundred liters of water to one liter of polymer) and mix thoroughly with a mechanical stirrer or manually. It is desirable to dilute in a separate container, this will allow better control of the desired concentration, and pour the finished working solution into the expansion tank.
Advantages of using lubricants when sawing wood:
1.Eliminates resin sticking on the cutting edges of the saw and on the moving parts of the sawmill.
2.Increases the stabilization of the saw in the cut, which leads to the elimination of the appearance of a "wave".
3.Improves the quality of the produced lumber.
4.Increases the life of the saw between sharpenings: by reducing friction, and the absence of resin sticking, provides faster heat removal.
Application when sawing metal on band saws, sharpening tools:
dissolve the concentrate with tap water 1:20-50
• Ensures the cleanliness of the workplace.
No oil mist.
• Has better adhesion, does not darken during use.
• Prevents the "salting" of the abrasive. Odorless, easy to wash off. Eco-friendly, non-toxic.
It does not require special storage and transportation conditions (winter, summer). The shelf life is 2 years. Retains its properties with repeated accidental freezing. Does not delaminate.
It can be used for general-purpose grinding, drilling, countersinking, threading and rolling, wet abrasive cutting.

We also produce concentrated antiseptic (1:100)

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