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City: Khabarovsk, Khabarovsk Krai, Russia

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Type: Other

Equipment name: Purifier drink from scale resin

Price in rubles: 200


"CLEANER" (for wood and metal)
It is used for preparation of aqueous solutions, which are used for sharpening, cleaning tool, cutting band and circular saws wood, metal,plastic, rocks.
Properties: viscous pale crimson liquid does not contain oil, has a high lubricity, antistatic,cleansing, anti-friction and anti-wear and cooling properties. Due to the lack of lubrication oil and corrosive components when sawing, do not stand out smoke and harmful gases, non-flammable. Does not stain the treated material, no smell. In case of accidental freezing and the subsequent defrosting does not lose its processing properties.
Manual cleaning tool, milling cutters, paintings, and a blade of carbon resin and dirt:
• for removal of severe carbon deposits to process concentrate, medium and weak scales - concentrate dissolved in tap water 1:1-5.To sustain 10-30 minutes to remove loose carbon deposits with a scraper, cloth or other known method.
Cleaning with ultra-sound equipment:
• concentrate dissolved in tap water 1:50 (per liter of polymer added to fifty liters of water) and pour in RAS. The temperature of the working composition 45-80°C. If required drying, it is compressed air in specialized drying chambers or with a rag by hand.
Since the product has a high degreasing power, then if you must either send the product for further technological operation, or to preserve and send to the warehouse.
The application using the supply system of the working solution in the cutting zone(woodworking):
concentrate to dilute with tap water 1:100 (in one liter of the polymer to add one hundred liters of water) and mix thoroughly with a mechanical mixer or by hand. Breeding it is desirable to produce in a separate container, this will allow better control of the desired concentration and expansion tank, pour the prepared mix.
The benefits of using a lubricant when sawing wood:
1.Eliminates the sticking of the resin on cutting edges of saws and moving parts of the sawmill.
2.Boosts the stabilization of the saw blade in the kerf, leading to the elimination of the appearance of "waves".
3.Improves the quality of the lumber.
4.Increases the life of the saw blade between sharpening: by reducing friction and no sticking of the resin that provides faster heat dissipation.
Use when sawing, metal band sawing machines ,sharpening tool:
concentrate to dilute with tap water 1:20-50
• Ensures cleanliness of the workplace.
The lack of oil mist.
• Has the best adhesion, does not darken during use.
• Prevent "glazing" of the abrasive. No smell, easy to rinse. Eco-friendly, non-toxic.
Does not require special conditions of storage and transportation (winter, summer). Shelf life 2 years. Retains its properties at multiple random freezing. Not to delaminate.
Can be used with grinding - General purpose, drilling, countersink, tapping and thread rolling, wet abrasive cutting.

Also produce a concentrated antiseptic (1:100)

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