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City: Kulebaki, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia

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Type: Lining

Wood species: Conifers:pine

Moisture content: The dry forest

Price per meter in rubles: 10

Rosenow offer high-quality products of own production of pine, prices are ex works, Ardatov Nizhny Novgorod region.

Transoms door frame :
b=80*12mm. L=2100мм. 71 rubles/PCs (33,80 RUB/RM.meter)
b=100*12 mm. L=2100мм. 96,33 rubles/PCs (45,81 RUB/RM.meter)
b=120*12 mm. L=2100мм. 108,60 rubles/PCs (51,71 RUB/RM.meter)

b=150*12 mm. L=2100мм. 136,06 rubles/PCs (64,79 RUB/RM.meter)

flat spliced b=65*12 mm L=2200 mm. grade a 57,20 rubles/PCs (26,00 RUB/RM.meter)
the radius of the spliced b=65*12 mm, L=2200mm. Grade a 57,20 rubles/PCs (26,00 RUB/RM.meter)
curly spliced b=65*12 mm, L=2200mm. Grade a 57,20 rubles/PCs (26,00 RUB/RM.meter)
Casing 12*100*2050 flat Grade And 84,55 rubles/PCs (of 41.24 RUB/RM.meter)
Casing 12*50*2200 figure grade a, hurdle of 48.70 $ /PCs (22,14 RUB/RM.meter)
Casing 12*50*2200 flat Grade And the hurdle of 48.70 $ /PCs (22,14 RUB/RM.meter)

Door rail:
Spliced a quarter of 40mm. 70*35*2100 mm a Grade of 127.95 rubles/PCs (60,93 RUB/RM.meter)
Spliced a quarter 40 70*28*2100 mm a Grade 110,15 rubles/PCs (52,45 RUB/RM.meter)
Spliced a quarter 40 70*35*2100 mm Grade of 89.00 RUB/PCs (RUB 42.38/RM.meter)
Spliced a quarter 40 70*28*2100 mm Grade To 86,60 rubles/PCs (of 41.24 RUB/RM.meter)
Spliced a quarter 40 68*33*2100 mm Grade (bitches) 86,80 rubles/PC (41,33 RUB/RM.meter)

Spliced curly 8*40*2500 27,80 RUB/PCs (11,12 RUB/RM.meter)
Spliced curly 8*20*2500 22,55 RUB/PCs (9,02 RUB/RM.meter)
Spliced flat 8*32*2500 24,50 RUB/PCs (11,12 RUB/RM.meter)
Spliced flat 6*40*2000 21,75 RUB/PCs (of 9.08 RUB/RM.meter)
Spliced flat 6*40*2500 27,20 RUB/PCs (of 10.88 rubles/RM.meter)
Spliced flat 4*100*2100 43,00 RUB/piece (20,48 RUB/RM.meter)

Area of flat:
Adherent outer 30х30х2500мм of 48.60 rubles/PCs (19,44 RUB/RM.meter)
Adherent outer 40х40х2500мм 53,55 rubles/PCs (21,42 RUB/RM.meter)
Adherent outer 20х20х2500мм 33,80 rubles/PCs (13,52 RUB/RM.meter)

Ready to make these products, as well as the block house, imitation timber, lining in size of the customer.

Molded products are manufactured on modern equipment of leading world manufacturers:
The cycle starts lumbering German lines "BRAUN CANALI" , designed to work with the forest with a diameter of 1.4 m. the Line is equipped with automatic system, allowing to cutting any wood sawing. The normal daily output is 100-120 m3, is the method of disc cutting.
Wood drying is done in drying chambers "NARDI", equipped with automatic system that eliminates the human factor from the complicated and responsible stage. Total one-time loading volume of the chambers is 250 m3. The moisture content of wood can be up to 6 % at the request of the consumer, than when it is not arbitrary what is a species – pine, larch, oak, birch.
In the future, the material enters the shop, where the fetch is made of wood defects. The workshop is equipped with four-side machines and raskroechnye lines in Finland. After this production stage the billet enters the shop of bonding, where the bonding length and thickness. Processing is carried out on Italian and German equipment, which is built into the production line, thereby achieving the maximum throughput with the best quality products with the lowest labor costs.
The final processing of the workpiece is produced on German equipment, allowing to produce quality products.
All equipment is located in a heated workshops, equipped with the systems of aspiration and ventilation, roller conveyors, mechanisms of material transfer and removal of waste products.

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