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City: Stary Oskol, Belgorod region, Russia

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Equipment name: KS-W112 / ZJ-600 Automatic machine for dimensional cutting and Stripping wire

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Automatic machine with 4 rollers for moving, cutting, Stripping thick wires.
The machine is designed to work with the mounting wires of almost all brands in the range of conductor cross sections from 0.1 mm2 6 мм2до
• The machine is KS-W112 is a basic version of a new line of equipment to perform dimensional cutting and Stripping wire.
In machines of this line have acquired a new, modern controllers, 4 high-precision stepper motor, new levelling module, an improved system flow conductor and also has all the advantages of automatic machines for wire treatment series KS-09.
• Speed cutting wire on this equipment significantly increased due to the two-stream feed system material.
• All modules of the machine are assembled from high quality materials and electronic components undergo additional testing before Assembly, which significantly increases the reliability of the equipment.
• The machine is designed to work with the mounting wires of almost all brands in a range of cross-sections of the conductor from 0.1 мм2до 2.5 mm2 (stranded conductor, the invoice) and 0.1 mm2 to 1.5 mm2 (manorola).
• Due to the covered slats of the blade unit and the installation of modern electric drives on the machine KS-W112 possibility of work in two streams.
• To prevent possible errors from the remnants of material in the zone of the blade unit machine KS-W112 is equipped with a special air tube that is blowing the working area in the working process easily removes the insulation from the work area.
• A distinctive feature of the machine is automatic cutting wire KS-W112 is an improved feed mechanism and a positioning guide, allowing you to perform ultra-short Stripping.
• For example, with this equipment You can easily perform the wire cutting into a size of 3 mm and make it sweep from both ends by 1 mm.
• Optionally the machine can be equipped with a tray for the reception and containment.

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