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City: Stary Oskol, Belgorod region, Russia

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Equipment name: ZC-ZW-06, ZS-ZW-16, ZC-ZW-25 Automatic machine for cutting and Stripping wire

Price in rubles: 1

If You need to cut, strip wires, bending them at a certain angle, You can make your choice between the machines ZC-ZW-06, ZS-ZW-16, ZC-ZW-25.
The difference between these machines is in the thickness of the processed wire, number of rollers, etc You can see in the "performance".
The machine will ease Your work, as it is fully automatic.
• Machine tools measuring cutting and Stripping wire ZC-ZW-06, ZS-ZW-16, ZC-ZW-25 is used for processing wire and cable brands such as HB (НВ1, HB3, HB4, НВ5), PV3 different sections, etc. mounting and installation wiring.
• Also, power of the machine is sufficient to perform two-dimensional cutting and three-core cable type PVS.
Machines ZC-ZW-06, ZS-ZW-16, ZC-ZW-25 is equipped with modern, independent stepping motors, and the blade unit, which is responsible for measuring the cut wires, installed on a reinforced rail.
• For feeding and positioning material meets the modern controller and the system all-wheel drive of the rollers in pairs confined to individual drives.
• Thus, an automatic measuring machine for cutting and Stripping of wires allows you to perform dimensional cutting wires and Stripping its insulation from two sides in a single cycle.
• Maximum operating value section of the wire, which can be processed on this equipment depends on its structure.
• For example, if we talk about monosilicon the wire type НВ1 – maximum permissible conductor cross will amount to 4.5 mm2, if the machine to process Explorer tokoprovodu living which has a stranded structure, the maximum cross-section will be 10 mm2.
The process of measuring cutting and Stripping wire as automated as possible.
The base package supplies the automatic machine includes:
• Straightening device;
• Set of steel through rollers;
• Set of V-shaped blades;
• Set the guide tubes of various diameters;
• Set of holders for the guide tubes;
• Instruction manual in Russian;
• The power cord.

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