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City: Shakhty, Rostov region, Russia

Organization name: Pine patio

Species: Conifers:blue spruce

Age in years: 3

Number: 20000

Price per item in rubles: 50

Blue spruce Glauca seedlings 7-15 cm 3 yrs

Blue spruce(Glauka) -refers to the evergreen trees with a beautiful crown, like a flat cone, straight trunk, evenly spaced branches forming tiers of smooth, blue-steel needles are beautifully framed by the branches. Spruce is very fast growing to 35 cm tall and 20 cm wide. Pine needles in winter does not reset, loves well-lit place with fertile soil, is not afraid of strong frosts and a dry summer. All plants have a 100% survival rate.

We can buy a blue spruce seedlings and other conifers, the coniferous seedlings possible delivery by mail,also by self, buy cheap blue spruce and planted at his dacha or in the garden of a country house, it will perfectly fit on your plot and will delight you with its beauty throughout life.

Contact details:
(Rostov region, Russia)
Ustinov 120
8 909 410-81-21



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