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Selling profiled beam coniferous trees:pine tree in Udmurt Republic Russia №39198

Nov. 18, 2021, 10:11 a.m. Views: 607

City: Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic, Russia. (also in regions of Russia (

Perm Krai
Kirov region
Nizhny Novgorod region

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Product: Profiled beam

Wood species: Coniferous trees:pine tree

Moisture content: The dry forest

Price: 3 per шт

Good afternoon!

We produce these plugs (chopiki) on our own equipment, developed by our specialists. These plugs are used for sealing knots, small defects on a board or bar, in the production of molded products "for painting", army boxes, as well as as an alternative to the "splice line". A special feature of our line is the ability to produce corks (chopsticks) of any diameter with great accuracy and high productivity. In addition to the precise dimensions and the possibility of producing large volumes in a short time, the advantage of our products is the height of the cork, 20-30 mm, which allows you to more reliably fix the cork in the board, even without the use of glue. The presence of all these advantages does not mean a high price, the average price for a traffic jam is 3 rubles. It is possible to produce any diameter from 20 to 35 mm. Write what sizes you are interested in, in what volumes, from what type of wood, we will consider, and in the shortest possible time we will give an answer.
This method of" healing " the board was used in the last century, but was unfairly forgotten. However, using modern features and old-school traditions, we propose to revive a simple, reliable and very effective way to bring the board into marketable form.
The essence of the method is to drill knots, defects in the board and fill the resulting hole with a wooden plug.
Using this method allows you to:
- remove the tension in the tree, centered around the knots
- sell the largest possible volume of finished products;
- give a presentation to the board,
- increase its grade;    - save on equipment and costs when attracting a large number of staff.
At one time, the problem of this method of processing the board was the complexity of manufacturing the cork itself. The difficulty was that it was necessary to have special equipment to make the cork, which called into question the profit from the implementation of this idea. Our specialists have developed equipment that allows us to produce plugs of the required diameter (!) in large volumes, including from the customer's material, which is important when using rare varieties of wood.

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