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City: Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Name: Schepovoz semi-trailer Knapen K100 moving floor

Year of manufacture: 2020

Price in rubles: 5,474,100

The company sells two trailer, semi-trailer, the schepovoz Knapen K100 HDX (reinforced construction) 2020 production Time 2 months. Delivery time is 6-9 weeks.

Internal dimensions of the first trailer, semi-trailer: long 13530мм, width 2480мм, 2630мм front height, rear height 2795 mm, volume 91 cubic External dimensions: length (options) 14040мм, width 2550 mm, height 4000 mm, distance from king-pin to supports 2700, 1670мм front overhang, rear overhang 3900мм,height SSU 1200mm, 490mm ground clearance, wheel base 8100мм, centre distance 1310мм. The cost 77100 Euro incl. 20% VAT and utilization fee (subject to increase from 01.01.2020 g).

Internal dimensions of the second trailer: long 13530мм, width 2480мм, 2690мм front height, rear height 2788мм, the volume of 91.9 per cubic External dimensions: length (options) 14040мм, width 2550 mm, height 4000 mm, the distance from the pivot supports to 2350, 1670мм front overhang, rear overhang 4250мм, height SSU 1150мм, ground clearance 490mm wheelbase 7750мм, centre distance 1310мм. The cost 76300 euros incl. 20% VAT and utilization fee (subject to increase from 01.01.2020 g).
The rate is based on the exchange rate 71руб.=+ 1 EUR.
• Auxiliary aluminum frame of longitudinal and transverse aluminum profile square cross-section.
• Highly reliable connection of the main frame support with the connecting bolts and welds.
• Fully robotic welding of the housing and the support frame (400 RM.m robotic welding/ semi-trailer).
• Reinforced module and the plate of the coupling device of high strength steel for load 18000 kg.
• Reinforced cross beam.
• 8 additional cross beams in the zone of increased stress.
• Reinforcing steel U-profiles to short transverse beams in the zone axes.
• Execute design Knapen NEXT
• Side bottom protection made of aluminum, folding according to EU standards.
Axle, suspension, brakes:
• SAF Intradisс plus Integral CD (OFF Road ) 3 x 9000 kg, the flight of the disk of ET-120
• 1st axle lift, controlled automatically via the EBS, including the pressure relief function (3 x braking).
• Reinforced shock absorbers
• Disc brakes
• Pneumatic braking system Wabco
• Air suspension with the function of EBS
Support columns:
• Mechanical support Haacon Stahl, max. weight 50 ton, max. lifting 24 tons
Hydraulic connections:
• On the front wall, quick connectors with 3/4.
• Left-the pressure of a high pressure with a diameter of 20 mm
• Right-to - return pipe with a diameter of 25 mm
• No hydraulic hoses for coupling to the towing vehicle.
• 6 x semi-circular plastic mudguards with mud flaps and logo Knapen
• System bryzgogasitel for the third axis.
• 1 x plastic box for tools (1000 x 500 x 500 mm) front axles left
• 2 x wheel Shoe
• 1 x large rear mud guard with logo Knapen
• 1 x holder for brush and shovel
• 1 x pull-out ladder rear right with a small step
• 1 x mount for 2 spare wheels, front axles
• 1 x big logo HDX / Knapen Trailers on the left side of the van
Moving floor
• Cargo Floor CF 500 SL-C, with electric
• Control system E-control, wireless RF do Knapen Trailers mod.V1
• Floor 6 mm x 21 aluminum strap in smooth performance
• Aluminum ferrules straps floor
The front wall
• Front wall made of special aluminium profiles with reinforced inner side (3/2 mm).
• Large working platform with stairs on the left (driver's side)
• The connectors of the hydro-, electro-, pavolini on the front wall in the center.
The side walls
• Side walls made of special profile with reinforced interior side (3/2 mm).
• Fully robotic welding of panels and the guide body
• Symmetrical double doors to the rear portal with rubber seals made of special aluminum profile with reinforced inner side (3/2 mm).
• Pneumatic shutter - lock rear doors
• Wide reinforced edging profile doors
• Swivel hinges of doors in heavy duty design are made along the entire height of the trailer for added strength.
• 4 x stainless steel padlock, 2 on each side of the door.
Collapsible roof
• Awning 680 gr/m2 with 4 tensioning straps
• The right side of the awning is fixed in the groove of the upper side of the profile.
• Belt tension awning on the left with a ratchet
• The overhang of the awning: left 400 mm front 400 mm, rear 60 mm
The upper cross beam
• Removable upper transverse steel beams D 60.3 is installed in positions 1, 3, 5, 7. The division of space along the upper edge of the semi-trailer 3-4.100 mm (basic equipment)
• Additional safety attaching upper cross beams (basic)
Treatment / lakokrasochnoy coating
• Color of chassis: galvanized, painting
• Color of bushing wheels: Black
• Contour marking according to EU regulations.
• Housing color: gray Knapen (AC226) (gray) or choice
• Awning color: RAL 3020 (Traffic red, line, red) or by choice.
The price including VAT based on the course total consideration of € 1=RUB 71

More information on our website vvloer and phone number on the profile.

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