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Planting material: Selling planting material №39386

April 10, 2024, 8:02 a.m.Views: 3329

City: Iskitim, Novosibirsk region, Russia.

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Species: Pine:Siberian pine

Age in years: 13

Number: 50

Price per item: 267.55 $

The nursery offers seedlings, seedlings of coniferous crops, planting, care for them, and a guarantee. The patriarchs of the taiga are Siberian cedars. Trees of human health and longevity. Seedlings were grown with their own hands from nuts using a new eco-technology with manual weeding and only on organic fertilizers without the use of any chemicals-pesticides and mineral fertilizers. The height of the seedlings is from 100cm to 200cm.WKS.The volume of the earthen lump is 15 liters, age 13 years. Survival rate is 100% if a number of conditions are met. Instructions are attached. The beginning of fruiting is 15-25 years old. If you're very lucky, then sooner. 100% prepayment. Pickup from Iskitim or delivery by a transport company (paid separately) from the beginning of May until November. If you need services for planting seedlings, then pay 20% of the cost of trees. Buying cedars is your contribution to the environment, to the improvement of the planet, as well as your contribution to the international fight against climate change, to the decarbonization of the economy, and to the wonderful future of your children.

PS In addition, buying cedars is also a great way to invest funds. With minimal costs, their cost and demand for them increase annually, possibly up to 1 million rubles per living tree. My website will start working sometime in 2024.

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