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July 25, 2022, 6:49 a.m. Views: 304

City: Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk territory, Russia

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Type: Forestry equipment

Name: Rear linkage with the plow PL 1-1

Year of manufacture: 2022

Price: 0.02 €

Forest plough PL-1-1.KL is used for anti-fire mineralized strips and prepare the soil for the planting of trees, development sites production is farmed. Plow differs from analogues by the presence of lisareinke devices. Behind the plow on both sides of the dumps are of the structure, providing compression of the soil after the blade, this achieves a constant depth of plowing.

The type of fastening of a hinged
The width of the machined grooves, 65-75 cm
The depth of plowing, cm 25 (±10%)
The width of the plowed strip, 115-120 cm
Design weight (without additional equipment), kg 650 (±5%)
Overall dimensions LxWxH plough, m 3x1,75x1,6 (±0,02)
Width of fire-prevention mineralised strip, 120 cm (±10%)
The presence of a satisfactory furrow laid along the length of the gun from 55%
Performance km/h is 4.5
Minimum drawbar category tractor 2

PL-1-1.KL – base forest plow series PL-1-1, having in its Arsenal a pair of knife coulters, treated with a layer of high strength metal and lisareinke device.
PL-1-1M.KL – the main feature of this plough, is the presence of special cutting knives required for tillage, having a large number of roots of small trees.
PL-1-1D.KL – differs from its predecessors by the presence of the front disk Coulter, which cuts the soil, and small roots in two parts, allowing to achieve a higher quality strip and the continuous operation of the plow.

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