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Equipment: Circular rotary sawmill DUP-500 №41687

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City: Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk region, Russia

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Type: Sawmill equipment:sawmill

Equipment name: Circular rotary sawmill DUP-500

Price: 1,312.27 $

For wood processing in the conditions of small industrial enterprises, compact but functional devices are required. The most convenient and practical of them are circular sawmills angular rotation DUP-500. They have a fairly high performance, and also differ in economical consumption of energy resources.

How does the DUP-500 circular sawmill work?

The unique design features of the circular sawmill allow it to process logs with a diameter of up to 50 cm and a length of up to 2 m. And when installing each subsequent section of rail tracks, the length of the processed lumber increases by another 2 m. Thus, circular sawmills angular rotation DUP-500 can handle logs of unlimited length. Depending on the tasks set, the disk sawmill allows you to get a board or a beam of the highest quality. At the same time, it is not necessary to turn the workpiece over all the time to completely cut the log, as in the case of using other woodworking equipment.
Characteristics of the circular angular sawmill DUP-500.

Overall dimensions of the saw frame

Length 700mm
Width 1230mm
height 1100mm

Overall dimensions of the rail track
One section

length 2000mm
width 1230 mm
Height 185mm

The diameter of the circular saw is 400mm
Maximum cut 150mm
The maximum size of the beam is 150x150mm
The diameter of the sawn log is not more than 500mm
The length of the sawn log is 1.5-6m
The motor is 3-phase, voltage 380 volts
Engine speed 3000 rpm.
Engine power 5.5 kw
Sawmill weight 200kg

Characteristics of the saw blade.

Woodcraft 400x50x4.2/2.8/(18z+18)+4 saw blade is a professional industrial class tool.
The saw blade with a diameter of 400 mm has 18 teeth with carbide solders and 18 intermediate shortened teeth without solders. On the body of the saw blade there are 4 undercut knives with soldering. The landing diameter of the disc is 50mm.

The thickness of the saw blade body is 2.8mm, the thickness of the soldering is 4.2mm.

 The disc is suitable for longitudinal sawing of wood and other materials.


Basic package of delivery :

· Saw frame ........................................... 1 PC.

· Rail track..........................................2 sections

· Circular saw d 400 mm.......................... 1 pcs.

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