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May 11, 2023, 3:48 p.m. Views: 743

City: Miass, Chelyabinsk region, Russia

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Type: Timber

Name: Лесовоз Урал ЯМЗ-238 с новым манипулятором

Year of manufacture: 2009

Price: 41,125.44 $

Logging tractor Ural 5557
Chassis complete overhaul 2020
Manipulator MM 100 (Maiman100S) HCD6/6 CR600FX with grab LV185.61.000 hydraulic extension of supports.
Engine YAMZ-238 Euro 0 (230l/s)
The gearbox has 47 teeth.
Reinforced bridges (square), springs.
Reinforced frame
Replacement of all electrical wiring on the car with a new assembly.
Painting of the cabin.
Synchronizers, gears, frame mounting brackets, CCGT, brake cranes, clutch, binoculars, oil seals, lanterns, mirrors, semi-axles, hubs, joints, cardan shafts, cab tail, power steering, batteries, seats, instrument panel, engine preheater PZhD-30J, bumper, fuel tank 300l., NEW ONES.
An additional power take-off is installed.
New tires OI-25 14-layer("high").
A tow bar for a trailer device (hook loop)
On the chassis of the URAL car, a new logging platform with a protective fence and a rotary cone is installed.
The warranty for components and assemblies (internal combustion engines, gearbox, bridges) is 3 months.
Registration of documents:
Re-equipment of the car
Issuance of a certificate of registration to the customer
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