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Job: Vacancy №42227

Jan. 17, 2021, 3:56 p.m. Views: 232

City: Ulan-Ude, Republic Of Buryatia, Russia

Organization name: Prodresource

Category: The specialists of timber industry

Standing (years): from 1 years

Position: Logger

Salary from: 50,000 ₽

Contractors are required for logging on the objects of overhead lines, power transmission lines,expansion of the protection zone of 220, 500 kV overhead lines.
Republic of Buryatia Ulan-Ude
Responsibilities: Felling trees, knotting, skidding, disposal of felling residues .
Payment piecework per Ha : 1 Ha 100 t. p. with VAT
Work until the end of 2021

Contact details:
Phone: 89506221777, Dmitry
E_mail: prodresursnn@gmail.com

Site: http://www.prodresursnn.com


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