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Business: Business for sale №42467

Feb. 15, 2021, 11:33 a.m. Views: 99

City: Voronezh, Voronezh region, Russia

Organization name: show name and reputation

Type of business: Wood processing

Price in rubles: 5,500,000

For sale is a timber processing company.
It is located 100 km from Voronezh, 5-100 km from the forest. in a non-residential premises of 595 sq. m (ownership) and a land plot (the right to lease from local authorities for 49 years, the cost of payment is 16 thousand per year). For the storage of finished products, canopies are made to the building. The production is equipped with online video surveillance. 120kw substation

Equipment for sawmilling:
1. Brusoval
2. Multi-saw double-shaft (80kw)
3. Band sawmill
4. Rib-humping machine
5. Cutting machine
6. Thickness planer, surface planer
7. Edging machine
8. Near-station equipment

Equipment for the production of wood chips (arbolite, smoking)
1. 11kw chopping machine
2. Sorting
3. Bulk Material packaging machine

The equipment for processing of waste lumber in the wood:
1. Mobile circular
2. Screw woodcutter

Equipment for the production of pallets:
1. 100L compressor
2. Yeshi pneumatic hammers 2 pcs
3. Conductor for assembly

Equipment for sharpening and repairing cutting tools:
1. Band Saw sharpening machine
2. Adjustable band saw machine
3. Grinding machine for circular saws of brusovala (diameter of saws 1m)
4. Grinding machine for sharpening circular saws up to 800mm
5. Gridgio Band Saw welding Machine

The set of equipment allows you to process up to 400m3 of roundwood per month, if you work in 1 shift.
Existing contracts for the supply of raw materials and wholesale of products.
There are no woodworking enterprises within a radius of 100 km.
The production produced the following products:
1. Edged and uncut lumber (circular sawing-correct geometry)
2. The production of wood chips arbolitovyh and Smoking.
3. Production of pallets of various sizes.
4. Production of garden structures, fences.
5. Firewood of deciduous, fruit and coniferous species.
Everything works.
The reason for the sale: We
did it for ourselves, but there is no time. At the first stage, we will help you understand everything, if you do not know something.
The real buyer bargaining!If you are interested, we will send you additional videos and photos
The owner sells it

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