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Equipment: Selling equipment №42584

April 3, 2021, 2:58 p.m. Views: 37

City: Kirov, Kirov region, Russia

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Type: Equipment for wood wastes processing

Equipment name: Chopping machine "Woodcutter" mod. VX400-mini

Price in rubles: 98,000

Chopping machine "Woodcutter" modification BX400-mini-chopping machine is designed for chopping softwood, hardwood and birch in order to obtain technological and / or energy chips. The wood chips or sawdust obtained during the grinding process are sent for further granulation or used as a product for heating.

Tasks of the Woodcutter machine:
shredding wood waste;
wood chip processing;
production of wood chips.
The resulting type of wood chips:
technological wood chips;
arbolite wood chips;
wood chips for smoking;
fuel chips;
scaly wood chips;
wood chips for decoration in landscape design.


The size of the receiving window is 120 x 120 mm.
Engine power 11 kW 380 V
Capacity up to 1000 kg / hour
The maximum size for grinding is 110 x 110 mm.
The location of the receiving window is vertical-inclined
Type of chopper knife, disc hammer
The disc diameter is 400 mm.
Number of disk revolutions up to 3000 rpm
Number of chopping knives 3 pcs.
The length of the knife is 170 mm.
Knife material 6HS steel
Number of hammers 18 pcs.
Number of counter-knives 1 pc.
Method of power transmission direct shaft from motor
The size of the discharge window is 200 x 150 mm.
The height of the product discharge (from the ground) is 110 mm.
The size of the resulting chips is from 5 to 35 mm. (adjustable by the sieve and the knife departure)
The color scheme of the equipment painting is blue-red
Dimensions 795 x 580 x 660 mm.
Weight 170 kg.

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