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Equipment: Hammer crusher mod. DM 22 №42638

June 2, 2021, 9:43 a.m. Views: 88

City: Kirov, Kirov region, Russia

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Type: Equipment for wood wastes processing

Equipment name: Hammer crusher mod. DM 22

Price in rubles: 315,000

Hammer crusher mod. DM 22-is a second-row machine and is designed for additional grinding of dry bulk product. It processes wood waste in the form of wood chips, sawdust, etc. into a smaller fraction suitable for further processing into fuel wood pellets (pellets). The equipment is equipped with a large number of crushing hammers and a calibration sieve, which allows you to add the submerged raw materials to a certain size, which depends on the installed sieve.

Application of finished products:

Use as a production of biological fuel (pellets, briquettes);
Use as a consumable material in agriculture.


Electric motor power 22 kW 380 V
The maximum humidity of dry raw materials is up to 25%
Capacity up to 1000 kg / hour
Type of chopper rotary hammer, with calibration sieve
Number of rotations of the rotor 3000 rpm
Energy transfer method V-belt transmission
The volume of the crushing chamber is 100 liters.
Number of hammers 96 pcs.
The dimensions of the hammers are 110 x 50 x 5 mm.
Material of hammers 65G steel
Method of loading through an aeroseparator and a sluice gate of a sedimentary cyclone
The size of the loading neck is 420 x 255 mm.
The maximum size for grinding is up to 100 mm.
Type of raw material discharge front discharge through the neck
The size of the discharge neck is 420 x 350 mm.
The size of the resulting products is 1-10 mm. (depends on the installed screen)
Dimensions 1507 x 801 x 833 mm.
Weight 550 kg.

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