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Equipment: Selling equipment №42658

April 3, 2021, 3:55 p.m. Views: 34

City: Kirov, Kirov region, Russia. (also in regions of Russia (

Kurgan region
Tyumen region
Sverdlovsk region

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Type: Equipment for wood wastes processing

Equipment name: MSA series drum chip machine mod. 2-250

Price in rubles: 202,000

Chip machine mod. MSA is a professional equipment and is designed to produce high-quality chips by grinding wood. As a raw material for processing, wood of any species can be used. Most often, waste from logging is used for grinding: roundwood, croaker, sawmill trim, thin gauge, substandard board. The material is fed into the receiving hopper and under its own weight enters the cutting zone, where, due to the reciprocating movement of the receiving hopper, the knives of the rotating drum separate the chips from the wood layer and carry them down through the discharge window.

Application of finished products:

further processing into fuel pellets and briquettes;
use in animal husbandry and poultry farming;
use as fuel.

Technical specifications:

The size of the hopper loading window is 494 x 240 x 400 mm.
The thickness of the resulting chips is from 0.1 to 3 mm. (it is regulated by the speed of the carriage and the departure of the knives)
Capacity up to 250 kg / h (up to 2 m3 / h)
Type of chopper knife, roller (drum), with a movable carriage (hopper) Motor
power per shaft (drum) 2.2 kW 380 V
Number of shafts (drums) 2 pcs.
Shaft (drum) drive type V-belt drive
The number of revolutions of the shaft (drum) up to 4500 rpm
The diameter of the shaft (drum) is 100 mm.
The number of knives on one shaft (drum) is 2 pcs.
The length of the knife is 260 mm.
Knife material 6HS steel
Drive power of the carriage (hopper) 0.55 kW 380 V
The travel distance of the hopper (carriage) is 900 mm.
Carriage (hopper) chain drive type
Total power consumption 4.95 kW 380 V
Dimensions 1800 x 650 x 850 mm.
Weight 300 kg.

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