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Equipment: Selling equipment №42692

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City: Kirov, Kirov region, Russia. (also in regions of Russia (

Penza region
Orenburg region
Nizhny Novgorod region

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Type: Drying equipment

Equipment name: Aerodynamic drying unit "Gorynych" mod. CA 300

Price in rubles: 308,000

The aerodynamic drying unit mod. SA-300 is designed for the preparation of raw materials for granulation and briquetting. The equipment is used for drying and serves to reduce the moisture content of the material. The drying procedure occurs as a result of moving the raw material along the coil along with the hot air in the wind tunnel. As a heat generator, a solid fuel furnace block is used, which is heated with wood in any form and thereby reduces energy costs. In one pass, the drying unit is able to dry the raw material to a humidity of 10-20%, which meets the requirements of the correct technological process of granulation and briquetting.

Technical specifications:

Capacity up to 300 kg / hour
Fan motor power 5.5 kw 380 V
The amount of passing air up to 4130 m3 / h
Fan speed 3000 rpm
Raw materials for drying wood (sawdust, wood chips, shavings), agricultural raw materials (grain and grass crops), peat (lowland and riding)
The permissible size of the raw material for drying is 25 x 25 mm.
The permissible humidity of the raw material for drying is up to 60%
The humidity of the raw material after drying is 10-20% (depends on the raw material itself and the air temperature)
The diameter of the coil pipes is 250-350 mm.
Number of coil bends 3 pcs.
The thickness of the metal used in the manufacture of 3-6 mm.
Type of heat generator it is recommended to use a firebox made of fireclay bricks, sheathed with a metal sheet
Fuel type for the heat generator wood in any form Fuel
consumption 50-100 kg / hour
Type of equipment: aerodynamic, single-pass
Maximum hot air temperature up to 350 degrees
The operating temperature of the hot air when drying is 260-300 degrees
Number of service personnel 1-3 people
Type of raw material loading manual or automated feed
Type of raw material discharge bottom discharge via sedimentary cyclone
Complete set receiving neck, coil (3 knees), precipitation cyclone (TSOL-3) with support frame-mounting, fan
The required area for accommodation is 30 m2
The required ceiling height of the room is 5 m.
Dimensions 7100 x 3200 x 4300 mm.
Weight 800 kg.

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