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Nov. 29, 2022, 8:08 a.m. Views: 328

City: Novocherkask, Rostov region, Russia

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Type of service: Uprooting of stumps, trees, forest belts, gardens

Cost: 11.95 €

Uprooting of old gardens with the processing of tree roots and trunks into wood chips

Clearing agricultural fields with a tracked or wheeled mulcher

- Clearing of fields from small woodlands

- Clearing fields from DKR

- Clearing fields of trees and bushes

- Uprooting of trees, roots, stumps

- Crushing of roots, Trees

- Grinding of cutting residues

- DKR grinding

- Chopping of tree trunks

- Rent of a tree branch Chopper

- Rent of a Tree and branch Crusher

- Rent of a crawler mulcher

- Rental of a wheeled mulcher

- Rent a mulcher

- Rent An Excavator

- Rental of a front loader

- A range of services for clearing fields from DKR

- Mulching of agricultural land

- Mulching of fields

- Preparation of the land plot for construction

- Sanitary cleaning of the forest

- Cutting down under power lines

- Clearing railway tracks of tree and shrub vegetation

- Preparation of territories for construction

- Clearing of heating mains, gas pipelines from shrubby vegetation

- Cut down emergency and dangerous trees

- Crowning and sanitary pruning of trees as well as uprooting of stumps, crushing into chips, removal of felling residues.

- Operational document flow

— We bear full financial responsibility for your property (spelled out in the contract) — we participate in tenders(certified on the main trading platforms)

— We perform the work comprehensively(turnkey)

- Highly qualified staff

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