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Job: Vacancy №43347

Jan. 23, 2022, 9:04 a.m. Views: 614

City: Serdobsk, Penza region, Russia

Organization name: NPKO MEZHOZERYE

TIN: 9728047650

Category: Jobs

Standing (years): from years

Position: cleaning of agricultural territories

Salary from: 535.27 €

Friends, a new collective farm and a Biosphere settlement need help. namely, Teams for harvesting timber, brooms and coal with and without equipment..
Tver region with an area of 200 hectares (there are also other plots) stands on agricultural land for 30 years Birch. pine, spruce we invite teams with or without equipment... Our task is to clean it and earn everyone what we do
, we cut and chop
branches, we twist branches and tops to brooms
, branches and tops to bio
-city, branches and tops for processing charcoal
trunks to the factory or make a bar and a board
, you can also put additional boilers on site for processing into charcoal, or equipment for processing wood into a board

if there is nothing but only hands, then your income of 45 000r- 150 000r depends on the front of work and results, but we are waiting for more who is ready to move to a permanent place of residence and get a share in a biosphere settlement. We are not looking for SLAVES ! We are looking for partners in specific areas of cooperation.

Contact details:
Call 8 915 442 43 75
VK - https://vk.com/crc_terra
Telegram - https://t.me/crc_terra


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