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Job: Vacancy №43687

May 11, 2022, 8:06 a.m. Views: 497

City: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Organization name: SET LLC

TIN: 7842184619

Category: The specialists of timber industry

Standing (years): from 1 years

Position: Feller Brushcutter

Salary from: 594.74 €

Good afternoon, everyone.
Teams are required:
- To clear the power line from the DKR

Moscow oblast. The volumes are large. We expand and increase. Payment according to the completed volumes without waiting for the customer's payment.

The Leningrad region-there are also volumes.

- For the expansion of power lines( fellers), for putting in order the right-of-way lanes of a / roads, gas routes
- For cleaning single units and crushing with a mobile crusher

The work is permanent. The volumes are large.
We work both with teams with our own tools (exclusively under contracts) an advance payment in 3 days after the start of work, and with Legal Entities (Mulchers and teams)
Payment is all on time.When we work together - a tool and a full social package.
Payment for the completed volumes is all on time.
Cohesive brigades from Belarus are very preferable.

We need a mulcher for permanent work under manual crews.

Contact details:
Email address: [email protected]
+7 921 9491O72


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