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Job: Vacancy №44073

Sept. 2, 2021, 11:21 a.m. Views: 69

City: Kostroma, Kostroma region, Russia

Organization name: LLC "Galichles"

TIN: 4433000086

Category: Jobs

Education: secondary special

Standing (years): from 5 years

Position: Excavator Operator

Salary from: 80,000 ₽


* Management of imported excavators.

* Visual inspection of the general technical condition of the excavator before starting work.

* Control inspection and inspection of the serviceability of all machine units, checking the filling and refueling of the excavator with fuel, oil, cooling and special liquids.

* Maintaining waybills.

* The device of the ground web with an excavator.

* Development of recesses.

* Device of cuvettes.

* Installation of culverts.

* The layout of the slopes, the right-of-way of the road.

* Loading and unloading operations.


· Work experience of at least 5 years as an excavator driver.

* The presence of a certificate of Gostekhnadzor (tractor driver) categories E.

* The presence of a special mark in the certificate - the excavator driver.

· Experience in road construction.

* Work with replaceable equipment (vibration loader).


* Registration in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, med.inspection at the expense of the employer.

* The schedule of the watch in the Kostroma region is 15/15, shifts of 12 hours.

* Accommodation in trailers.

The salary when meeting production standards is 80 000 rubles.

Questions about other vacancies by phone number from Mon to Thu from 09: 00 to 18: 00, Fri to 16: 45.

Contact details:
Druzhinina Evgeniya

+7 (910) 9268828


Site: http://segezha-group.com


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