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Equipment: Sawmill line №44771

Nov. 9, 2021, 10:48 p.m. Views: 32

City: Alatyr, Chuvash Republic, Russia

Organization name: IP Gordeev

TIN: 026502834162

Type: Sawmill equipment:other

Equipment name: Sawmill line

Price in rubles: 1,800,000

We sell a line of circular sawing based on domestic machines. The production is located in the Republic of Chuvashia, Alatyr.

The composition includes: -
-A SB2B-440 disk double-shaft brusoval, Kirov, 2020, The whole

machine is adapted to everyday stable operation, we have corrected all its shortcomings. The lower shaft is 45 kW, the upper shaft is 37 kW. A 450 mm log passes through the coml. The clearance of the machine is 50 cm wide, 45 cm high, 630 mm saw blades, 18 teeth, 6 undercut knives.

- the speed of the saw shafts through the pulleys was reduced to 1500 rpm, while the torque increased due to the ratio of the diameters of the pulleys of the engine and the saw shaft;

- changed the broach to a more powerful one so that the machine could simultaneously stretch 3 logs by 40 cm throughout the workshop due to the fact that there is not enough length of the workshop to install the machines in line. Minus - the exhaust ripples and the pusher were out of sync. If there is no need to push 3 logs in a row, we can return the old broach to its place - the synchronization of the ripples and the pusher will return;

- the system of clamps of exhaust ripples has been changed - now the carriage no longer bends at the outlet;

- the aspiration system of the machine has been redesigned - it really works;

- the tilter is working, temporarily disabled - we are sawing the tonometer;

- a simple system of separating uncut boards and a humpback from the carriage has been made.

- disk two-shaft multi-saw DC-210-2B, Kirov Machine Tool Plant, Kirov, 2015.

Also, the entire machine has been redesigned taking into account all the features of sawing. The lower shaft is 45 kW, the upper shaft is 25 kW - at the moment, the supply line of the entire workshop can no longer withstand the power. It is possible to install a 45 kW passport engine on the upper shaft. The maximum cutting height is 210 mm. The clearance of the machine is 45 cm, 350 mm discs, 18 teeth, 4 undercut knives.

- replaced all electronics with imported;

- the aspiration system has been redesigned to a more powerful one;

- the upper engine is placed on the top of the machine;

- a set of separations of the most popular sizes for sawing with two shafts at the same time is made.

- disk twin-motor edging machine DPC-450.

Simple and reliable manual edging machine. It cuts three inches at once.

- Snail for aspiration of sawdust No. 7 with a system of nozzles.

The productivity of the line is 30-40 m3 of roundwood with diameters of 12-18 cm (fine-grained raw materials) and 60-70 m3 of roundwood with diameters of 18-35 cm (business sawmill) per shift of 10 hours.

Contact details:
+7-927-850-29-11 Stanislav


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