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Pellets / Briquettes / Chips: Selling pellets / briquettes / chips №45189

Dec. 31, 2021, 12:03 p.m. Views: 83

Region: Vologda region, Russia

Organization name: LLC "Kaduysky timber mill"

Type: Pellets

Price per ton: 71.37 €

Environmentally friendly fuel - where quality is above all.

Today pellets are an environmentally friendly fuel with high quality and efficient heat transfer.
Capital Development produces environmentally friendly pellets with maximum heat transfer rates.

A very important feature of our pellets is neutral CO2 during their combustion, so that the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere is minimal.
Pellets contain absolutely no chemical or synthetic substances and can be used for boilers and furnaces of various types in the individual sector and in production.

The use of pellets is easy and convenient. They can be delivered in bags of 1 ton or according to customer requirements

Our production is 100% waste-free, thanks to eco-friendly clean fuel for your homes!

Our product is a product of the highest quality, made from pure remnants of spruce and pine wood, without bark, which is produced in our own lumber production.

Contact details:
+7 921 836-68-88 (whatsapp)

Site: http://wood-markets.ru


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