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May 2, 2022, 12:23 p.m. Views: 57

City: Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia

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Type: Forestry equipment

Name: Harvester Head Waratah H480C

Price: 130,000 €

The Waratah H480C is a powerful harvester head that allows felling wood in combination with excellent quality of cutting branches along the entire length of the trunk.
The harvester head H480C gives unprecedented quality of broaching, especially on a large forest.
The new geometry of the levers of the broaching rollers proves that the rollers firmly hold and reliably stretch trunks of different diameters. Operators also appreciate the powerful broaching of 4 rollers with reduced friction.
The new manufacturing process of the frame led to the strengthening of its structure. New tilt limiters protect and extend the service life of the inclined frame. The new levers of the broaching rollers are durable bearings, reinforced hydraulic cylinders and fingers, improved RVD tracing. Four movable knot-cutting knives, one fixed upper and one lower, follow the contour of the trunk. The geometry of the knife and the long cutting edges of the H480S ensure excellent quality of cutting branches along the entire profile of the trunk. The proven EVO2 distributor ensures efficient hydraulic flow and head control, which leads to fuel economy of the base machine. The SuperCut 100 saw mechanism allows sawing wood up to 710 mm in diameter. Automatic tension of the saw mechanism prolongs the service life of tires and chains, and integrated chain lubrication ensures economical oil consumption. Daily maintenance is simplified due to the simple arrangement of the head components.

Technical specifications:
• The width of the head with an open grip is 1880 mm.
• The width of the head with a closed grip is 1200 mm.
• Height without rotator and earrings is 1350 mm.
• Weight without rotator and earrings is 1240 kg.

Felling/ bucking
• The maximum diameter of the barrel is 710 mm.
• Saw bar 825 mm.
• The pitch of the saw chain is 10 mm.
• Chain speed 40 m/s

• 4 steel broaching rollers with hydraulic drive
• Pulling force with motors 780/500 cm3 30.2 kN
• Maximum broaching speed 4.2-6.0 m/s
• Maximum opening of the broach rollers is 680 mm.

Pruning of branches
• Knot-cutting knives 4 movable, 2 fixed
• The maximum diameter of the trunk when pruning branches is 460 mm.
• Maximum opening of the upper knives is 680 mm.
• The maximum opening of the lower knives is 710 mm.

Hydraulic system
• Maximum working pressure 28 Mpa
• Recommended pump capacity is 290-340 l/min.

Measurement and control system
• TimberRite

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