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Machines: Selling machines №47566

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City: Tomsk, Tomsk region, Russia.

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Type: Firefighting equipment

Name: Tracked tractor MTLB with storage

Year of manufacture: 1987

Price: 48,158.78 $

MTLB is used for towing trailers with a total weight of up to 6.5 tons, transporting people and goods, installing various equipment, performing transport and special work in off-road and hard-to-reach areas, in various climatic zones.
A rational layout, a multi-support running system with an individual, energy-intensive torsion suspension and a 560mm caterpillar, a powerful engine, an armored sealed hull with a reinforced bottom, provide high cross-country ability in deep snow and weak soils, allow you to overcome water obstacles by wading and afloat.
The sealed cabin of the MTLB is designed for 8 people and is heated by a spectacular heating system in the cold season.
The MT-LB uses a diesel engine produced by the Yaroslavl Motor Plant YAMZ-238N with gas turbine supercharging as a power plant. The engine power is 300 hp.

The nominal engine speed is 2100 rpm. With a maximum torque of 1079 Nm, the number of revolutions is no more than 1500 rpm. During idling, the number of revolutions is 550-650 rpm. A two-stage air cleaner is used to remove dust from the dust collector. The first stage is inertial, the second has paper filter elements.

The transmission is mechanical. The transmission has 6 forward and one reverse gears. The inclusion of 3-4 and 5-6 gears synchronized.The engine is located in an isolated compartment with ventilation. To start the engine at a low temperature of -40 -50 degrees C, there is a pre-heater PJ-44L.

The cargo compartment has a volume of 7,2m3. Loading and unloading of the compartment is carried out through two aft doors. The cabin and cargo compartment are connected by a passage. For towing trailers, there is a traction coupling device and the terminals of pneumatic and electrical systems.
The MT-LBu armored personnel carrier uses a tracked propulsion system. The suspension is applied individually torsion bar, there are hydraulic shock absorbers on the front and rear support rollers.
When using the machine at low ambient temperatures, the MT-LB provides an air heating system, which includes an OV-65 heater and an electric heater EO-1010, which ensures that the internal temperature of the inhabited compartment is maintained above 0 ° C at an ambient temperature of -45 ° C

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