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Equipment: Innovative Drying Technology and Automation for drying chambers №48594

June 22, 2024, 2:53 p.m.Views: 567 (stats)

City: Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk region, Russia.

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Type: Drying equipment

Equipment name: Innovative Drying Technology and Automation for drying chambers

Price: 568.44 $

As a result of more than 40 years of focused research, the laboratory of lumber drying at the UralNIIPDrev Institute has created original elements of drying technology and designs of drying plants with natural and forced air circulation, with air heating by steam, hot water or flue gases (hot air). The created elements formed a highly efficient drying technology (HTS). VTS allows, in comparison with standard technology, to reduce energy costs up to 2 times and ensure high quality of dried lumber.

To automate the control of the drying plant, an Automatic Drying Regulator (APC) has been developed and is being manufactured. When using an automatic regulator, high operator qualifications and installation of wood moisture sensors in stacks are not required.

The developed technology and the automatic regulator are suitable for use both in batch drying chambers and in continuous drying tunnels.

The technology can be implemented both on the basis of an existing drying chamber through a small upgrade, and on a newly designed chamber.

Advantages of the technology:
-improving the quality of the dried material
-saving about 50% of electricity on the fan drive
-saving about 43% of thermal energy
-there is no need to install any sensors in the wood stacks
-no humidification system required in the chamber
-Easy to use.
-high qualification of the drying operator is not required.
-using Highly Efficient Wood Drying Technology, it is possible to dry lumber of very small thickness, as well as thick beams and even whole logs.

Since 2016, instead of the previous model, we have been producing an Automatic Drying Regulator of the next generation (ARS-3).
This is a more intelligent device, with additional service capabilities.

The main differences of the new controller:
- large 10" touchscreen display
- saving and graphical display of saved camera operation data
- the ability to connect SHTA01 electronic sensors (SCB Induction)/HT100(ARIES)/DVT(RELSIB), which record the relative humidity of the air in the chamber and do not require a wet thermometer
- more visual representation of processes in the camera
- more advanced device software
- the ability to remotely control and control the drying chamber from anywhere in the world

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