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Equipment: Drying chamber 60 m3 with heat generator UVN-250 №48840

Feb. 19, 2024, 4:46 p.m.Views: 264

City: Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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Type: Drying equipment

Equipment name: Drying chamber 60 m3 with heat generator UVN-250

Price: 53,336.70 $

Drying chambers for drying lumber are equipped with high-quality equipment. The drying quality is achieved by means of electronic control and process control.

Our products have proven themselves from the best side when drying various species of both coniferous and hard-leaved, UVN, are used not only for drying lumber, but also for heating industrial premises, while wood waste is used as fuel, using these heating units, you get a very cheap solution for heating industrial premises.

The SKD-60 drying complex on wood waste with the UVN-250 heat generator.

The drying complex is designed for drying lumber with a one-time loading of a 68-69 cubic meter drying chamber with automatic control, autonomous heat supply from the UVN heating unit.

The principle of operation of the UVN:

hot gases from the furnace furnace pass through the flue channels of the heat exchanger, give heat to the heated air, and then go into the chimney. After that, hot air flows from the heat exchanger into the drying chamber, where, passing through the stack, it heats the lumber and takes away moisture. Moist and cooled air is fed back into the heat exchanger, drained, reheated and forcibly enters the chamber by purging with a centrifugal fan. For forced dehumidification of the air on the heating unit, there are dampers for the inflow of fresh air, the discharge of wet air. The temperature in the chamber is regulated by the actuating mechanisms of automation (blower fan, relief valve and air intake, etc.)

The heat carrier is heated air, which is supplied to the drying chamber from the heating unit by a fan.

The drying chamber is a modular-prefabricated steel structure.

The frame consists of profile elements.

As wall and roofing elements, sandwich panels made of aluminum, sheet thickness 0.8, with mineral wool insulation with a density of 110kg/m3, of own production, with an external wall made of profile metal are used.

The modular design allows additional modules to be connected, which expands the capabilities of the complex and significantly reduces the cost of the upgraded complex. The gate of the chamber is sealed, sliding on a rail using an opening mechanism.

There is a door between the chamber and the furnace compartment, where the UVN heating unit is located, for servicing the chamber during the drying cycle.

Thermally protected axial reversible fans are installed in the SCD chamber, which provide the optimal required speed of air movement through stacks of lumber.

The ventilation system for the supply and distribution of coolant consists of: a discharge fan, axial reversible fans mounted on a frame under a raised ceiling, a system of supply and exhaust ducts.

Wood processing waste (sawdust, bark, cuttings, dead wood, firewood), peat, etc. serve as fuel for the heat unit. Preliminary grinding, sorting, and other fuel preparation is not required. Fuel can be supplied to the furnace in a mixed form, even with a high degree of humidity (up to 65%) without pre-drying. The installation is easy to maintain and reliable in operation, allows you to dispose of waste and reduce the cost of drying lumber. Loading is manual.

The automatic wood drying control system is made of controller modules. The system includes 8 moisture sensors of lumber, 2 temperature sensors, 2 equilibrium humidity sensors. The software of the system allows drying of various types and sorts of wood (spruce, pine, oak, birch, larch). Control and management of the equipment is carried out by the Litouch automation system. Active control of the final moisture content of lumber is up to 7%, and control is carried out according to the average humidity value.

Along with active monitoring and program regulation of the drying process, the automatic control system monitors the condition of the equipment and ensures trouble-free operation of the installation. The system has three operating modes: automatic, semi-automatic, manual.

The drying complex is supplied in the form of separate blocks and nodes, and is assembled on a pre-prepared foundation. The foundation is made by the Customer according to the drawings of the Supplier.

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