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Forest leasing agreements: Selling forest leasing agreements №49917

Nov. 6, 2023, 10:08 a.m.Views: 241

City: Slantsy, Leningrad region, Russia

Organization name: Logos LLC

TIN: 4713007937

Type: Other

Price: 2,159,045.21 $

I will sell the lease of forest plots in the Leningrad region, Slantsevsky district.
The plots are adjacent, the total volume of 102000 m3 per year is 53000 m3 and 49000 m3. The cost of annual rent is 178 rubles/m3. The species composition of the forest fund is 40% needles, 60% foliage. Both lease agreements are for a period of 49 years, until 2054/2057, respectively. Fresh forest management 2023. Logging was not carried out in 2023, which gives access to a full-fledged resource base from 2024. There are also underdogs from previous years.
The cost of sale is 1900 rubles / m3 -193 800 000 rubles.
P.S. Not just rent is for sale, but an operating business with great prospects for development - the construction of a processing enterprise with the production of a high-margin product. At the moment we are not stopping, we are carrying out full-fledged and daily work in this direction.
In a long-term lease there is a land plot with an area of 6.5 hectares, with permitted use: construction industry. Electricity is supplied. There is a railway road next to the site. There is a possibility of building a railway dead end, which used to be at this place.
In the future, if necessary, we can provide services for the harvesting and removal of wood.
P.P.S. This raw material base has been collected for several years. We sell in connection with the implementation of a large-scale construction project in another region.

Contact details:
89115551000 Alexey.

Site: http://lenoblinvest.ru/monogoroda-leningradskoj-oblasti/


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