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Forest leasing agreements: Selling forest leasing agreements №50089

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July 25, 2024, 9:55 a.m.Views: 1148 (stats)

City: Slantsy, Leningrad region, Russia

Organization name: Logos LLC

TIN: 4713007937

Type: Other

Price: 937,606.15 $

I will sell (100% share) the lease of a forest plot in the Leningrad region, Slantsevsky district.

The annual volume is 54,100 m3 (for information on the composition of the forest fund, see the photos).
The cost of the annual lease is 198 rubles / m3.
The species composition of the forest fund is 40% needles, 60% foliage.
The lease agreement is for a period of 49 years - until 2054.
Fresh forest management in 2024!

All forestry work has been completed!

There are under-cuts of previous years, and the under-cuts of 2023 and 2024 are present in full, which gives access to a full-fledged resource base from the first day of harvesting!

The presence of a summer forest fund!

Logging has not been carried out since May 2022!

The sale price is 81,150,000₽ (1,500 rubles/m3).

The price includes all the arrears of previous years - 2021, 2022 and 2023, as well as the rent has already been paid until August 2024!

Interest-free installments are possible under the following conditions: 50% payment upon signing the purchase and sale agreement, 50% installment payment up to 5 years.

The company's staff is fully preserved. You can start harvesting from today!

In the future, if necessary, we can provide services for the harvesting and removal of wood.

No "pitfalls"!!! All documents are fresh (GENDER, tax descriptions, maps, certificates on forestry work, etc.), ready to provide upon your request. To the buyer's favorite question - why are you selling, the answer is simple - we are selling in connection with the implementation of a large-scale construction project in another region.

P.S. It is possible to sell with VAT, and it is also possible to sell on lease. Discussed separately.

P.S.S. Taking into account the increase in taxes from 2025, Shales, as one of the three single-industry towns in the Leningrad Region included in the TOSER program, is an ideal place for the implementation of wood processing projects.

P.S.S. Shipments of lumber and other products are possible both by machines, railway and sea transport. We will transfer all contacts at the time of sale.

Contact details:
8 911 555 1000 Alexey


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