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Equipment: Assembly of the ARS-3 controller for drying wood under license №50384

June 8, 2024, 12:33 p.m.Views: 167 (stats)

City: Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk region, Russia.

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Type: Drying equipment

Equipment name: Assembly of the ARS-3 controller for drying wood under license

Price: 561.38 $

We offer documentation, electrical diagrams, software kit and assembly instructions for the automatic control of the drying chamber for lumber.

The automatic regulator consists of:
- network filtering unit to reduce interference at an industrial facility
- the input module to which the sensors in the camera are connected
- a relay module that controls the supply of coolant, the switching on of fans, the opening/closing of air dampers, a circulation pump and a fire alarm
- industrial interface converter USB-RS485
- a 24V power supply for MV110 modules and an electronic temperature and humidity sensor (ARIES/SKB Induction/RELSIB)
- tablet/computer/laptop that controls all equipment

A set of documentation for the assembly of automation:
- basic electrical diagram of the device
- technical description of the device
- list of components for assembly
- photos of the possible location of components during installation
- setting up input/output modules
- configuration file for configuring the input module ARIES MV110-8A
- description of the tablet setup
- RS-485 interface converter drivers for ARIES AC4-M
- drying chamber control program
- assistance in the procedure for activating the program on the device
- help in setting up the optimal camera mode

You purchase/carry out all the equipment and assembly according to our schemes on your own with our support.

The control program installed on the tablet implements the author's Highly Efficient Wood Drying Technology. You can read more about the technology on our website.

Advantages of the technology:
-improving the quality of the dried material
-saving about 50% of electricity on the fan drive
-saving about 43% of thermal energy
-there is no need to install any sensors in the wood stacks
-no humidification system required in the chamber
-Easy to use.
-high qualification of the drying operator is not required.
-using Highly Efficient Wood Drying Technology, it is possible to dry lumber of very small thickness, as well as thick beams and even logs.
- the ability to remotely control and control the drying chamber from anywhere in the world

The time of assembly and adjustment of the automatic regulator, if all components are available, is approximately 2-3 days. As a result, you get an analog of our ARS-3 regulator with all its capabilities, but at a much cheaper price. More information about the ARS-3 can be found on the website. Here you can also download the electrical diagram, the technical description of the controller and the software package.

The technology and similar controllers (manufactured by us or independently) have been successfully operating for several years in various regions of Russia and the Republic of Belarus. The contacts of some companies are listed on our website.

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