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Selling Lumber: Edging:board in Moscow Russia №50563

March 31, 2024, 2:55 p.m.Views: 72

City: Moscow, Russia

Organization name: show name and reputation

Type: Edging:board

Wood species: Deciduous:oak

Moisture content: Shipping dry

Length in mm: 400 - 6000

Width in mm: 300 - 600

Thickness in mm: 30 - 50

Stock: In stock and on order

Price per cubic meter: 626.99 $

Edged oak board
High-quality oak boards, dry, vacuum-dried, origin: Ryazan region
Extra Grade

Dry board, does not deform, does not crack, retains its shape and geometry, has high strength, resistance to moisture, parasites and loads.
We make the selection exclusively according to your technical task.
We work according to GOST standards. We always carefully focus on your technical specifications and perform them efficiently. Advantages of working with us:
-We will efficiently select the material according to your wishes.
- We will take into account all your nuances.
- There is always a ready-made volume available - either on order.
- Delivery by any chosen transport company in the shortest possible time.
- Payment in a convenient way for you (cash and non-cash payment).
We value every customer
You can buy wholesale and retail! I will be happy to help you make a choice.📲Call and write right now! We will help you choose the best suitable lumber for your tasks, and thereby save you time and money:
Oak is considered the strongest and most durable tree species. The board made of it has excellent properties. Dry oak board, with proper processing, does not wear out and does not deform with constant use under load. The edged oak board is used to cover many surfaces. In addition to the unique properties of this wood, boards made of it are distinguished by a rather beautiful natural wood texture. A prerequisite is careful drying of the oak and its subsequent processing in accordance with all necessary technological processes. The oak board must be made in compliance with the standards of quality standardization.

Buy an edged board made of oak
Very often, dry edged oak boards are used to make floor and parquet boards, stairs and risers, bowstrings and scythes, interior decor, as slopes and doorways on window and door openings, oak window beams, glued beams for a rack-and-crossbar glazing system and many joinery products. I would also like to emphasize that products made using oak boards are quite highly appreciated, so if you decide to buy an edged oak board from US, you will not regret your choice.

This finishing material has a number of advantages. Here are some of them:

High strength of the material
The excellent appearance of the board allows it to be used in various interiors
It is highly environmentally friendly
It is easily sanded and varnished, which improves its appearance
It has a long service life
Withstands heavy loads
It has good moisture resistance
Judging by the above characteristics, it is safe to use an oak plank when you are planning construction and decoration. Due to its versatility, it is suitable for almost all types of finishes.

Dry edged oak board is used quite often in modern society. The main reason for its demand is its high durability and stylish appearance. In fact, a tree like oak has been in great demand among people for several centuries. As already mentioned above, in addition to its strength characteristics, oak board has incredible durability and wear resistance.

Even if such boards are used in places with the harshest climate, they retain their ideal strength and structure. Even if cracks appear on the boards after a long time of use, this does not mean that they need to be changed. The strength of this material is so great that the products made from it survive for many generations, because it is oak. Dry edged oak board, the price of which will also please you, is sold both in large batches and from 0.2 m3

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