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Pulp and paper products: Sale of pulp and paper products №50758

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City: Novorossiysk, Krasnodar region, Russia

Organization name: IP Barmin NM

Product: Special and technical types of paper and cardboard

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PON paronite is of general purpose. Paronite is made on the basis of chrysotile asbestos, rubber, and mineral fillers. Manufacturers produce the material in the form of sheets up to 6 mm thick. During production, the components are vulcanized and undergo a rolling process. A variety of products are made from paronite, because it is simply processed and cut into pieces.

It is mainly used to make gaskets of different appearance and products that are purchased to seal connectors of installations and assemblies. The sheet material is characterized by numerous operational advantages, including:

Paronite stands out for its good flexibility and elasticity, retains geometric shapes and properties after mechanical action and during bending. The sheets do not collapse under the influence of temperatures from -50 °C to +450°C, aggressive environment, microorganisms. Gaskets, for example, are used in such working environments: in water, nitrogen, alcohols, ammonia gas, petroleum products and other liquids.Paronite is characterized by health safety, because even under severe operating loads and mechanical influences, asbestos dust is not released.Sheet paronite is used in the chemical and petrochemical industries, mechanical engineering, electric power industry, metallurgy. Gaskets made of high-quality and wear-resistant material are used to create connecting parts of different pipelines.The material from which the gaskets are made is divided into different groups:

General purpose paronite – designated as PON (B) – is available in the form of sheets. The material is used under conditions of exposure to gaseous ammonia, nitrogen, fresh water and other liquids.

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