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City: Perm, Perm, Russia

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Type: Spare parts and accessories

Equipment name: Caterpillar, chains

Price in rubles: 100

Snow chains OFA, RUD, TRYGG

* Why caterpillars and chain wheeled vehicles?

When you use caterpillar bearing area increases in average two times, which in turn reduces the ground pressure almost twice.

Economic aspects:
The reduction of rolling resistance contributes to lower fuel consumption ( on average 1 litre per hour on the machine 12-16 t);
• Due to increase thrust power increases speed of movement;
• Increases the capacity of cars due to the greater contact area;
• Significantly increases the throughput of cars;
• Increasing sustainability of cars, resulting in possible to harvest and transport forest with significant slopes;
• Protect tires from damage increases life of tyre;
• Increases the smooth running machines on rough terrain, resulting in the suspension and transmission are being exploited in a sparing mode.
As a result of the integrated action of these factors significantly improves the performance of forest machines, there is a possibility of logging in remote areas and difficult climatic conditions.

The company carries out as the supply of caterpillars, of snow chains and accessories to them - locks and repair kits

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April 17, 2019, 8:30 a.m.