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City: Novorossiysk, Krasnodar region, Russia

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Type: Briquettes

Price in rubles per ton: 8000

Rectangular briquettes (RUF). The briquette is made on German equipment by high pressure. The calorific value of wood briquettes is in the range of 4.5 to 5.0 kWh/kg. This high calorific value of briquettes is achieved, on the one hand, the large specific density after pressing, the other is a small residual moisture (typically less than 10%). The strength of the briquette is acquired through contained in wood substances − lignin, which is melted under the influence of temperature and heating. The advantages of wood fuel briquettes in comparison with other solid fuels
1. The calorific value of briquettes 4.5 to 5.0 kWh/kg, i.e. higher than that of wood and comparable with pellets and different types of coals.
2. Unlike firewood, briquettes do not require pre-drying.
3. Briquettes burn with a minimum amount of smoke, don't "shoot" or spark.
4. Long burning briquettes: compared with ordinary wood bookmark in the oven, you can produce several times less.
5. Constant temperature all over the combustion of wood briquettes (with a large duration of combustion).
6. Low ash content (0,5−1,0%). After the combustion of fuel briquettes ashes remain.
7. Briquettes require less space for storage and transportation: one Euro pallets of briquettes weighing 1 ton (about 1 m3) is equivalent to 3-4 m3 of firewood. Accordingly substantially reduces the cost of transportation and storage of fuel.
8. Convenient packaging allows you to unload and stack them manually in the garage, basement and even in the pantry.
9. Briquettes can replace other types of solid fuel (coal, wood) without retrofitting boilers and furnaces.
10. The possibility of long-term storage of briquettes without deterioration of their quality characteristics.
Wood briquettes have wide application and can used for all types of furnaces, boilers, perfectly burn in fireplaces and stoves, grills, etc.
Packaging of briquettes it is possible to take with you on nature instead of firewood. For igniting the briquettes are used kindling, small wood chips, paper.
The burning of briquettes allows to obtain 2-4 times more heat energy compared to burning wood.
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