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Equipment: Caterpillar skid 700/55-26.5 №32980

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City: Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk region, Russia

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Type: Spare parts and accessories

Equipment name: Caterpillar skid 700/55-26.5

Price: 3,296.97 $

Produce caterpillar chains for the Forwarder, Harvester.
Size 700/50-26.5
1. The purpose and parameters
1. caterpillar skid designed for wheeled logging equipment. The tracks provide increased traction with the ground techniques on snowy and icy roads. Caterpillar skid increase productivity and reduce fuel consumption of wheeled logging equipment.
2. The parameters of the "Caterpillar skid 700/50-26.5":
Meeskonna distance of 710 ±5 mm.
The length of the Trak – 790 ±5 mm.
The thickness of the Trak – 59 ±2 mm.
The length of the side stop is 165 ±1 mm.
The angle of inclination of the side stop 27 ±3 deg.
2. Main technical data and specifications
2.1. Kit caterpillar skid consists of 2 tapes of 17 trucks, 2 tapes, 16 trucks, 2 trucks and 8 locks.
2.2. Caterpillar designed for tyres 700/50-26.5. Compatibility tyre treads must be checked with the tire manufacturer, according to the parameters of the model tracks are taken from the Passport.
2.3. Weight of the set –1550кг.
3. Recommendations for installation and operation
Caterpillar chains are manufactured for the specific size of rubber, but depending on the manufacturer of the tires width, height of the tread, the shape of the side surface can vary significantly. Before operating make sure the settings match and rubber tracks. It is also worth to take into account the difference of the circumference between new and worn tyres, tyre pressure and other parameters that affect the wheel size. When size mismatch is necessary to contact the Manufacturer.
3.1. Before installing caterpillar skid you should pump maximum permissible pressure in the tires recommended by the tire manufacturer.
3.2. Connect tape, consisting of 17 and 16 tracks, with each other using connectors, locks, if needed, comes with 1 extra track.
3.3. Using the movement of the machine, straighten the tracks on square wheels. Extreme Shoe tracks should be placed on top between the wheels.
3.4. With the help of a tensioning device produce stretch of the track and connect the extreme tracks with locks. Slack track in the upper part between the wheels shall be 50 mm.
3.5. Carry out a test drive and to check the tension of the caterpillar, as well as compliance with parameters of the tire treads.
3.6. Check the tire pressure, the tension of the caterpillars and the reliability of the locks before each shift and when necessary, swap wheels and pull the tracks.
3.7. Avoid sudden maneuvers when driving vehicles, especially when driving in ruts.
3.8. No use of logging machinery with an overload.
3.9. In the process, monitor the integrity of the tracks, damage, suspend operation and make repairs.
3.10. If critical wear of the tracks to replace them with new ones.
4.The safety
4.1. The installation was made using special tensioning device (batteries not included)
4.2.To pre-running of the tracks to increase service life.
4.3. To check the tension of caterpillars and reliability of the locks before each shift and, if necessary, tighten them.
4.4. In the process, monitor the integrity of the tracks and damage to make repairs.
4.5. No use of logging machinery with an overload.
5.1. Apply lifting device for at least 2T.
5.2.The installation of the tracks of the snow, and their maintenance shall be persons who have received appropriate technical training and instruction.
5.3. To abide by the rules of safety measures during installation and operation, as well as the requirements stated in the present passport for installing and using the product for its application.

6. Lifetime
6.1. The manufacturer guarantees the serviceability of the tracks in the snow for 6 months from the date of commissioning, but not later than 9 months from the date of shipment to the customer, subject to compliance with the rules and requirements prescribed in this manual.
6.2. The warranty period is not established for caterpillar, working in corrosive or abrasive environments, as well as by a mismatch between the size of tire treads.
6.3. The manufacturer is not responsible for damage to equipment, or its parts, of what happened during operation of the caterpillars.
6.4. Claims for quality shall be in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
6.5. The warranty does not cover:
- failure to comply with passport data;
- when used inappropriately.
- a breach of the conditions of installation and operation.

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