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Equipment: Tracks for Harvester №35079

Jan. 12, 2022, 11:16 a.m. Views: 624

City: Petrozavodsk, The Republic Of Karelia, Russia

Organization name: show name and reputation

Type: Spare parts and accessories

Equipment name: Tracks for Harvester

Price: 3,483.9 €

In stock new, rebuilt and used caterpillar skid to LZK.
New tracks:
1. ВГ30 700-710. Price 520 Tr VAT
2. Kombi 700-710. Price 480 Tr VAT
4. ECOG 700-710. The price of 450 Tr VAT
5. ВГ60 700-710. Price 620 Tr VAT
1. ЭкоТрак700-710, link, 22mm, the first repair, a lot of new tracks. The price is 290 Tr
2.ЭкоТрак700-710, link is 25mm, the first repair. The price is 335 Tr
3. Clark ТЛ85 700-710, 25mm link, a lot of new tracks. Price 355 Tr
4. ЭвоТрак700-710, link 28mm, trucks in excellent condition. Price 360 Tr
5. ЭкоОф700-710, link 22mm. Price 315 Tr
6. КомбиТрак700-710, link 22mm. The price of 350 Tr
7. КомбиТрак600, link 22mm. The price of 350 Tr
8. ТЛ85/Эво700-710, link 28mm. A lot of new tracks. Price 370 Tr
1. RUD750, little used. Link 30mm. The price of 450 Tr

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