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Business: Business for sale №39515

March 23, 2021, 11:35 a.m. Views: 557

City: Ostashkov, Tver region, Russia

Organization name: IP Mozzherin A. N.

TIN: Six hundred ninety one billion three hundred three million four hundred forty two thousand three hundred

Type of business: Manufacture of pallets and lumber

Price in rubles: 1,900,000

1. The production of Euro pallets and lumber from the OWNER is sold.
2. Location: Zekhnovo village, Ostashkovsky district, Tver region, on the Ostashkov-Rzhev highway, convenient paved entrance, dry territory.
3. The territory of 40 acres is owned by Mozhzherin AN
4. Two production rooms with woodworking equipment, a pallet production shop, a grinding shop. All the equipment is installed, connected and adjusted. Currently in operation. The shop for the production of Euro pallets and the grinding shop are heated.
5. Equipment: band sawmill-2 pcs, miter machine-1 pc, pneumatic equipment for the production of Bostitch pallets, sharpening machine, sets of sharpening saws, conveyor for loading sawdust into the cart-1 pc, cart-1 pc. The equipment produces products with excellent geometry.
6. Full package of documents.
7. Requires no investment.
8. BARGAINING is appropriate.

Contact details:
Mozzherin Alexander.


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