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Job: CV №40029

March 15, 2021, 10:40 a.m. Views: 737

City: Ulan-Ude, Republic Of Buryatia, Russia

Name: Ekaterina Dudikova A.

Gender: Female

Age: 33 years

Category: Specialists of forestry

Education: higher

Education and specialty detailed: Siberian state technological University, Krasnoyarsk Forest engineering, forestry Engineer

Standing (years): 10 years

Experience: engineer of forest resources - Work with the FLOOR (keeping the control over the implementation of logging operations within the framework of the annual allowable cut, the work on allocation of additional underutilized amount, the control over the implementation of measures for conservation, reproduction and protection of forests, preparing the data for the conclusion of additional agreements and changes of Project of forest development, work with the materials of forest pathology surveys, acts of field surveys); - Preparation of documentation for participation in forest auctions; - Work with cartographic materials (electronic and paper tablets); - Work in Google Earth Pro (visualization of the enterprise's activity: the location of the felling sites, machinery, taps future period); - Work with satellite imagery, analysis of data of space monitoring; - Analysis of the forest Fund leased the area on the orthophoto; - Implementation of drainage acceptance documents (acceptance of material removal, analysis, accounting); - Design of materials withdrawal of delyan, projects RU; - Preparation of forest declarations and their further support; - Reporting (reports 1-YL, 1-RL, 1-VL, 1-LH, 12-LKH, internal production reporting of volumes harvested and exported timber, maintenance residues); - Work with the portal Lesigues of accounting of wood and transactions with it (in December 2018 December 2019 completed training in Pushkino on the theme "Accounting of roundwood of Lesigues registration of transactions and design of electronic accompanying document"); - Registration of contracts for timber and to further the volumes of timber harvested, the monitoring of implementation of all clauses of the contract by the contractor; - Preparing contracts of sale; - Negotiating with customers, contracts for the sale until they are discharged (check USAIS, monthly reporting in the Russian volumes accounting for sortimentului and rocks, the conclusion of additional agreements on prolongation, change in volume and species composition); - Skills of work with auditors for FSC certification. - Work in 1C:Enterprise 8.3, 1C:ERP enterprise Management.

Job title: Head of Department of forest resources, forestry engineer

Expected salary: 40,000 ₽

Married: да

With children: нет

International passport: нет

Extra info: Personal qualities: have skills in business communication, responsible, friendly, constantly working on themselves, can easily adapt to new working conditions, a balanced, Executive, purposeful, positive, decent. Possess the ability to handle stress, can easily cope with a large workload and multi-tasking. As well for their excellent work and contribution to the development of the forest industry was awarded a certificate from the head of the Baikal area and diploma of the Republican forestry Agency.

Contact details:
tel: 89836315044
El.email: dudikovaea@yandex.ru


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