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Furniture: sale advertisement №40375

March 29, 2024, 10:55 a.m.Views: 1611

City: Apsheronsk, Krasnodar region, Russia

Organization name: IP "Toslyan E.A."

TIN: Two hundred thirty two billion five hundred twenty five million six hundred fifty six thousand six hundred thirty three

Furniture type: specialized

Furniture name: Tables and chairs

Style: classic

Material: solid oak

Have your own transport: no

Supply volume (units): 20

Production date: 35

Price: 648.61 $

Tables and chairs made of solid oak look perfect in set No. 12, our top model, only to order, any size, tinting, number of chairs and benches, individual calculation taking into account the parameters. To calculate, you need to specify the size of the table, the number of chairs, whether there is a bench and the size of the bench, whether there is an armchair and the quantity. A large selection of antique furniture sets, we also offer a separate table or benches, you can assemble your antique set. The material is Caucasian oak. Only under the order for your size.

Contact details:
8-918-447-57-53 Elena

Site: https://массив-лестницы.рф/mebel-starina


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